About Andra Stanton

AFSprofile600I began making traditional quilts when my nephew was born, over thirty years ago. However, I found sewing traditional bed quilts to be limiting and was thrilled when “wonky” piecing was introduced by art quilters. For the last six years I’ve been exploring every aspect of art quilting, including surface design and dimensional construction, as well as art journaling and mixed media collage.

In keeping with my love of fabric art, I am excited to say I am currently writing a book, Dimensional Cloth Art, which will showcase the work of approximately forty fabric artists. Some are professional artists who routinely exhibit in galleries across the country whereas others are new to the field. Most are from the US, but I also include artists from Austria, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Prior to embarking on Dimensional Cloth Art, I wrote two other nonfiction books. Zapotec Weavers of Teotilan, published by the Museum of New Mexico Press in 1999, describes weavings produced by indigenous Mexicans living in the city of Oaxaca. In 2003, I underwent surgery to revise a spinal fusion originally performed in 1973 to correct severe scoliosis (spinal curvatures). Following that procedure, I developed back pain that did not respond to routine physical therapy. I found a Pilates instructor who had modified the exercises to accommodate her own spinal fusion. Based on the success of those exercises in reducing my pain, I wrote Pilates for Fragile Backs.

Finally, I have been working on my first novel for a few years and it is finally nearing completion. It is being reviewed by an editor in New York and I shall hopefully have the completed manuscript in June, 2018.