Dimensional Cloth Art:
Sculpture by Contemporary Textile Artists

Fiber art once was an elusive category, existing somewhere between what was once considered high art and what was relegated to low craft. But times have changed. Today’s fiber artists prove once and for all that, whether painted on canvas or sewn by hands, art is defined as a construction borne out of imagination, vision, and purpose.

I am in the process of developing a book about dimensional cloth art. This art is comprised of a web of natural or artificial fibers – cotton, silk, wool, linen, polyester, or nylon, for example – which is then manipulated by the artist to form a representational or fabulous configuration that is meant to literally and conceptually stand on its own.

Some of the forty or so artists I include use their work to convey deeply held ideas about the natural world and its processes of germination, growth, deterioration, and extinction. Others simply love the very nature of the fabric they’ve devoted themselves to – the sensuality of silk; the diaphanous quality of chiffon; and the sense of decay accompanying rusted cotton.

My book will be a combination of informative artist profiles and lavish photographs of their work. Look for it in June 2018.